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Bathroom Reno

Bathroom Renovations Queensland

 Bathroom Renovation, the Ins, and Outs.

Everyone has an opinion about which style is the best. There are many different styles, like modern, beach house, farmhouse, and minimalist. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you like and what works well in your bathroom. It might not be the best idea to put a sleek, modern bathroom in a house with a country style. But you can add modern touches to a rustic bathroom.

Find out what you enjoy by browsing the internet. Ideas and inspiration may be gained by visiting display homes

OSARC Master Bathroom

The Master Bathroom

When renovating a bathroom, it is important to really ask yourself what is it that is important.

The word “Master Bathroom” is a favourite of ours. It conjures up images of a stately mansion with soaring 10-foot ceilings (approximately 3 metres for Gen Y, Z, and the Millennial generation). The toilet, vanity, shower, and bathtub/shower combo or separate bathtub and shower are all included in a full bathroom. Bathtubs are often sacrificed to make more room, although this isn’t always the case.

Although in Australia, the ratio of residences per 100,000 residents, spacious bathrooms are unusual in metropolitan regions. If you’ve ever looked at new residences in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth, you’ll see that the trend of tiny bathrooms has persisted. Modern flats, on the other hand, often contain a modest private bathroom and a small common bathroom.

The Ensuite

The ensuite has become a stable part of the master bedroom.

In contrast to the master bathroom, the conventional ensuite bathroom consists of just three distinct features: a vanity, a toilet, and a shower.


We're in love with the new stencilled tiles, plant-filled shelves, and neutral colours that team OSARC has added to this bathroom. It's a tight quarters, but it's oh-so-chic. There's ample room for everything, from artwork to thriving plants, in this well-thought-out area; the black touches truly add individuality.


What We Value at OSARC

We want you to be happy.

Not only on the first day you see your new bathroom, but also 10 years later when you’re still using it. This is why we believe the following are important features.

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Space
  • Floor surfaces
  • Colour scheme
  • Keeping it realistic

Ease of cleaning is a no-brainer. Everyone must clean their bathroom or have it cleaned. Small hard-to-reach spaces should be minimized.
Space always feels great in any bathroom. Lives change and having space in your bathroom gives you options.
Floor surfaces are really important. You do not want to have shiny floors that can get slippery. Likewise, you don’t want ultra-rough floors that can’t be swept or mopped easily. Balance is key.
Colours are a sign of the times. While those Lime Greens and Oranges of the 70s and 80s are a thing of the past, almost all modern Colours are some shade of white, grey and black, or a wood stain. Have a look at the cars that are on the road these days, the same as bathrooms, white, grey and black.

When we say keep it realistic, we are referring to that internet or Instagram pictures of bathrooms overlooking a lake, or a sunset over the water in the Maldives. These images are amazing; however, they do sometimes create unrealistic expectations of what an everyday bathroom might feel like. On a daily basis, the bathroom routine is, we have a shower, do some self-grooming, maybe some makeup, and get on with life.


OSARC Display Village

Our physical display village does not exist. We think there are so many display homes and bathroom display centres out there that one more really isn’t going to help. Display centres cost money, and that money has to come back to the company somehow. Any company with a display centre has higher overheads than we do. We choose an online display centre to keep our costs down and your invoice lower.

All in one Bathroom Renovation Package

Starting from $19,995.00 inc. GST
We now offer a single all-inclusive plan for your bathroom remodelling project. We designed this bathroom makeover package for our customers who live in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs. If you would like to learn more about this offer, please contact us at 1300 788 905 and we will check your eligibility for this fantastic remodelling deal.

We Provide Bathroom Renovation Services
in Brisbane

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